Powering Cloud: Big Switch Networks

Powering Cloud: A flying visit from Big Switch Networks

In our bid to make the complex Cloud world easier to understand, we're sitting down with some of the leading vendors involved in Cloud, peeking behind the curtain and asking the questions that need answering.

We're delivering Powering Cloud by video, so sit back, grab a coffee, and watch as we put the latest in Cloud technology under the microscope.

Big Switch Networks - The cloud-first Networking Company

Next up in the Powering Cloud series is Big Switch Networks, the Cloud-First Networking company, bringing public cloud-style networking and hybrid cloud consistency to organizations around the world.

We were delighted to be joined by Tomasz Klimczyk and Derek Jackman.

Big Switch Network: The Value Proposition

We find out what the value is of Big Switch, who Big Switch are competing with, how do they overcome the challenges of a legacy market by being different, and what do they do with regard to educating their customers.

Sean Fane is joined by Derek Jackman, Regional Sales Director

Big Switch Network: The Nuts & Bolts

Jason Dance sits with Tomasz Klimczyk for a technical chat on the Big Switch product and how this delivers for their clients today, and how it will continue to deliver into the future.

Powering Cloud... Powering Down

Thank you for joining us for this episode of Powering Cloud.

Join us next time where we'll be interviewing another innovation focused Cloud vendor.

If you would like more information on Big Switch Networks, head over to the Big Switch Networks website.


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