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At illapa we understand that organisations of all shapes and sizes are looking to control their Cloud Computing environments. As your infrastructure evolves to include services from different public cloud providers and you continue to use your own hardware we provide you with the tools to manage them all from one pane of glass.

An enterprise class CMP (Cloud Management Platform) illapa Manage gives you access to all these benefits and more.

  • Granular access allows you to give users permission to provision the workloads relevant to the job function
  • True utilisation data which allows you to make educated decisions about what service runs where to save money
  • Performance data helps you to ensure that each workload has the right resources allocated to guarantee performance
  • Pre packaged applications and workloads ensure fast and consistent deployment throughout the organisation
  • Enforcing compliance by controlling who has access to which services not only ensures IT services are delivered correctly, it helps to support agility
  • Increased visibility provided from one pane of glass makes decision making both easier and faster

As a channel organisation illapa works with a number of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and System Integrators (SIs) to help you benefit from illapa Manage. Feel free to select one of our existing partners to work with, or speak to us about working with your existing service provider. If you just want to experience the benefits of illapa then sign up for a free trial and we will be happy to support you through the first 30 days at which point we can then discuss which partner is best suited to.