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Transform your IT cost from CapEx to OpEx.

illapa base provides organisations the true public cloud experience, in the privacy of their own datacentre. As with all of our other services you benefit from having the single pane of glass view into your environment be it on-premise or public cloud, but most importantly you’ll also charged same way you buy resources in the cloud on a per VM, per month basis.

illapa will work with you to understand and plan your workloads, design the platform around your requirements and deliver an abstracted hyperconverged, software-defined, hypervisor agnostic cloud platform designed to deliver your business needs.

Featuring rich functionality allowing your organisation to;

  • Gain visibility of your on-premise, private and public cloud environments
  • Deliver IT resources to any environment faster to your customers and end users
  • Get insights into, managing and controlling public cloud costs
  • Accelerate developer workflow with industry leading integrations
  • Create predictable control to enforce governance and enable auditing
  • Uncover intelligence on usage, utilisation and costs of current infrastructure
  • Role based policy control governing feature functionality access
  • Deploy leading software and personalised image stacks through the illapa library
  • Charged same way you buy resources in the cloud – per instance, per month

Reduce costs by 30%, whilst deploying builds 100x faster


Analytics – Use analytics for effective cloud management

Get your cloud house in order and optimise legacy brownfield estates with discovery and AI rightsizing. Start as you mean to go on with greenfield environments.

Uncover detailed information on usage, utilisation, and cloud cost with machine learning powered optimisation. Understand diagnostics VMs, containers, and public clouds.

Resize app components, set power schedules and gather data on legacy brownfield installations.

Set, compare and control cloud costs. Easily map workloads to the right infrastructure with custom costing, visibility of public cloud costs and in-line comparison tools

Set custom tiers and pricing for provisioned instances with instant visibility of costs from public cloud providers.

Guidance built in for users to balance cost, capacity, and performance

Reporting designed to track use by group, user, cloud, and more. Leverage built-in reports, export data to JSON/CSV, or use the API to integrate with third party billing tools

For the more detailed view there are multiple out of the box reporting views providing the ability to filter reports by cloud, resource, and users and then provide business leaders with powerful business dashboards created to provide comparisons and heat maps.

Deployment – Making provisioning powerful again

Deploy into a mix of bare metal, VM, and containers across multi cloud estates on both public and private clouds.

Self service provisioning with fine grained authoritative configuration allowing administrator and users to deliver resources faster to customers and end users.

Take virtual images and deploy them with ease and combine into templates and blueprints to deliver a consistent and repeatable deployment. 

Deploy multiple open source, trial and demo software appliances straight from the customisable illapa library, making testing and proof of concepts a simple and effective process.

Governance - Stay optimised with fine-grained role-based access, approvals, and policy enforcement.

Manage who, what, when, and where. Assure policy driven control of every piece of the stack by group, role, or user plus integration with third party identity management like our CASB Illapa Secure offer.

Restrict and share library items and full app templates and set quotas by budget, memory, storage and CPU.

Eliminate cloud sprawl by setting approval and extension rules by groups, role, and cloud plus automatically delete instances to keep your cloud estate clean. Inbuilt approval mechanism or robust ServiceNow integration to flexibly control extension policy for developers.

Manage costs across multiple clouds by using the latest public cloud pricing for real-time comparison, track all costs for chargeback, plus forecast budgets based on projected use.

Management – Lifecycle management for operational excellence

Track availability and performance with monitoring and logging

Automatically set service-aware and application checks and tie into third-party tools for advanced service orchestration. Built in Email and SMS service notifications so you never miss a thing.

Aggregate system logs and tap into global search to quickly troubleshoot cloud software application issues, delivering app data to your fingertips.

Flexible native incident management including ServiceNow integration.

Automation – Frictionless automation for developers

Automate linkage from build to fully provisioned using API-driven and CLI provisioning direct from build tools and also track and manage Jenkins builds.

Continuous delivery enabling code deploys and defining infrastructure as code using built-in container orchestration and Kubernetes integration. Native YAML/JSON or Terraform, ARM, and CloudFormation and tie into ever expanding array of tools like Salt, Chef, Anisble and Puppet.

Continuous optimisation using native or third party monitoring, logging and incident handling. Network integration for DNS and IP management and built-in load balancer or connect to leading third party products. To further extend the native logging capabilities integrate with third party products like AppDynamics, NewRelic or Splunk for greater insights.

Self-service access for agile devops teams and limit risk by setting backup policy at provision time and reduce time to recover with simple self-serve restore for development teams.

Illapa Library – Leading brand software installed with ease

Customisable and searchable content from leading software providers to personalised image stacks all available through the illapa library.

Upload content specifically targeted to your end users.

Designed to be a delivery mechanism and work alongside your existing licence purchase and renewal processes.

Perfect for demo and trials of new and upgraded software appliances and operating systems.

Secure - Balance cloud agility, user experience and security

illapa cloud already comes bundled with secure role-based access controlled by your own administrators governing feature access.

However, since security and compliance are always at the forefront of every IT manager and CIO’s mind, combined with having the immense power of illapa at your fingertips our partnership with Bitglass using their Cloud Access Security Broker extension gives your administrators a finer level of control and manageability and your IT Security team the confidence of identity management and policy access control.

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