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Illapa is a channel centric company, therefore we always work with a channel partner to deliver our service.

Designed to work with MSPs, Illapa can support many disparate clients through a single interface. We enable our MSP partners to present a bespoke hybrid cloud infrastructure to their clients, providing a self-serve model, but retaining full visibility, governance, and policy enforcement.

Alternatively if you are a VAR interested in reselling our service, Illapa is fully multi-tenanted solution, and we can bespoke each individual tenancy to meet an end users requirements.

Whether you are an MSP or VAR, there are several important reasons to engage with illapa

  •      There is no upfront cost (we have done that for you)
  •      We are complimentary to your existing product portfolio and services
  •      There is great margin opportunity from a recurring revenue stream
  •      We provide massive value to the end user client across multiple stakeholders

As we have commoditised this complex challenge, it leaves you as the trusted source to focus on tailoring our service to meet/exceed the end clients business needs

A partnership with Illapa is the quickest and easiest way to transform your existing transfer of title appliance-based business in to a hybrid cloud delivery company whilst working alongside your existing license purchase and renewal processes.

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