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As organisations of all shapes and sizes continue to adopt more disparate and complex multi-cloud environments the importance of deploying applications correctly, into the right cloud in a timescale that meets the need of the consumer while guarenteing performance has never been more important.

Illapa Manage is our Cloud Management Platform which provides the platform for us to work with you build images of your applications specifically configured to work in specific public and private cloud deployments so that your customers can ensure consistant, speedy deployments into the enviroments that they wish to use. When the images have been created and tested we can present them in the library to make sure your software is avaialbe to everyone who has access to provision workloads.

At illapa we don’t manage the software licensing, that is still handled by your current channel, we simply build the environment and ensure your application is deployed correclty. As more and more service providers start using illapa to manage their customers multi cloud environments the importance of your applications being in the library will grow.

If you would like to learn more about how illapa can help your software be easier to deploy in any cloud then please get in touch.