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Multi-cloud logistics for the soft appliance

Modernise application delivery by integrating with the illapa cloud Multi-tenanted, Multi-Cloud platform.

Get your software appliances to your customers instantly through our customisable library.

Allow your customers to get a consolidated view of their on-premise and cloud environments. With support for bare metal, multiple Hypervisor and container orchestration across a huge number of public and private clouds.

Alongside the appliance deployment your partners and customers using illapa Manage can benefit from;

  • Gaining visibility of their on-premise, private and public cloud environments
  • Delivering IT resources to any environment faster to their customers and end users
  • Getting insights into, managing and controlling public cloud costs
  • Accelerating developer workflow with industry leading integrations
  • Creating predictable control to enforce governance and enable auditing
  • Uncovering intelligence on usage, utilisation and costs of current infrastructure
  • Role based policy control governing feature functionality access

The end customer is then charged in the same way they buy resources in the cloud – per instance, per month with licences purchased in the same way as they are used to.

Reduce costs by 30%, whilst deploying builds 100x faster


Illapa Library – Feature your software to Partners and End-Users alike

Get your software appliances to your customers instantly

Customisable and searchable content all presented through the illapa library.

Feature content specifically targeted to your partners and their customers.

Designed to be a delivery mechanism and work alongside your Partner’s existing licence purchase and renewal processes.

Use illapa Manage as a sandbox for your customers to demo and trial your software with ease.

Multi-tenanted – Bring all your partners and customer estates under one roof

We expect that your partners are tired of having to use multiple different logins to disparate systems across multiple different customers.  Illapa Manage will bring all of them together under one control plane, providing a consistent look, feel and management approach. Allowing for an easy deployment of your software in any cloud.

White-labelled console delivering your company cloud portal to your partners.


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